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Level 1 - Two Years

The basics of drumming

Rudiment introduction


Basics of 8ths & 16ths

Basic fill incorporation

Bass drum development

Limb balancing

Reading basics and the 6 notes of rhythm

Level 2 - Two Years

Groove studies in the 4 essential styles [8th rock, 16th note funk, shuffles & jazz]

Playing to music/songs

Meter function & understanding

Count off consistency

Ambidextrous balance, limb fluidity

Click studies, internal meter, 32nd note ability

Level 3 - Two Years

In depth variations of 4 essential styles

Advanced grouping of fills

Fluidity of playing

Understanding the role of a drummer

Double bass playing

32nd note bass drum playing

2nd line beats

Devastation fills

Level 4 - Two years

Latin, bossa nova & metric modulation studies

Time signature studies in odd time

Soca, reggae, ethnic rhythms & poly-rhythms

Level 5 - One Year

Advanced studies and philosophy of performance

Studio recording & teaching

Master's Certificate - Two Years

Expertise of all styles

Creative development of personal style

Consistent flow of groove & meter

Live performance tempo control

Concentration techniques

Ability to execute fills and metric reversal on the spot

Philosophical understanding of drumming, percussion & music

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